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Paolo Pamintuan

Los Angeles, CA

Fashion, Portrait, Lifestyle, Editorial

What camera / lens / lighting do you use?

At different stages I have used a Nikon D90, Nikon D600 and currently a Nikon D800E.

85% of the time I'll shoot natural light with some type of manipulation of it. The other 15%, I'll put a softbox over a SB900 speedlight.

Lenses, all Nikon primes, just a personal preference. My favorite camera is the D600/610, yes, really.

Stop obsessing over EXIF data. It won't help you as a photographer.

Will you shoot our wedding, engagement, son's birthday, dog's graduation?

No. I can refer you to other photogs who would do a much better job than I would.

How much do you charge?

Wedding Photographer > Me < Your Buddy

Less than what a wedding photographer would charge and more than what your buddy with a camera will accept.

Do you do test shoots?

I do.

Trade for photos?


Do you pay models?

Not for personal work. If it's for a job, the client usually finds and pays for the model.

Why don't you watermark?

I did when I first started but when you've looked at enough work from different photographers, you'll get why I stopped.

Do you photoshop?

I have used it to remove objects in the background in my earlier work but my knowledge of it is so limited and I find the application difficult to use. 

How do you find models?

social media. word of mouth. referrals. bars.

Can you teach me how to ... ?

No. but I'll sometimes need an assistant, you can volunteer and watch how I go about my shoots. 

Where are you from?

The answer here should be West Hollywood but the answer you’re looking for is The Philippines.

What do you look like?

I have photos of myself on instagram if you dig hard enough. @baconforyoureyes

How would you describe your style?

I really can’t. I’m not being a jackass. This is not an attempt to be cool or mysterious. I don’t think I have a style. I do have things that I dislike and I try to stay away from them.

I have a deep fear of having all my photos look the same; this is probably why I don’t stick to a particular style. I don’t have a signature look or one way of post processing and I’m ok with that.

Do you have any advice for new models? (or how do I get signed/work/photographed)

1. Be very selective with what you put out there. Have the discipline to only use the top 3 photos in every shoot. This will train you to maintain high standards. 2. People are lazy, they won't take the extra two clicks to check your portfolio so treat your social media account as a portfolio and don't post mediocre stuff. 3. If you're uncomfortable in your own skin, this isn't the business for you. Not all shoots will require nudity, as a matter of fact most shoots won't require nudity at all. But this industry is not for the timid, if you're concerned about nipples showing consider a career in banking.

What do you look for in a model?

Skipping the obvious stuff.

I look at how the model moves. Is she one dimensional. Does she look she'll need a lot of direction? most times I will pass on working with a model because I don't have the energy to direct and pose models all day. This is also primarily the reason why photographers like working with signed models, they usually have much more experience and approach the work professionally. Versus the part time model who kinda thinks she'll get by with her good looks.

Show me that your head doesn't always just tilt to one side. You have more than the hands on the waist pose.

Do you have a studio?

I don't and even if it's available to me, I really do prefer shooting on location. The studio I feel is very limiting. I'd rather shoot in a small apartment over a studio.

How many photos do you give the models for test shoots?

approximately 5-10 images. Sometimes more but 5-10 processed images is a good expectation.

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